Dear MVA:
Can I have it back now? :(

Dear MVA:

Can I have it back now? :(

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You can say things like “Don’t take medication that makes you into a zombie- it’s a great opportunity to not take it and see what happens. And if you have a seizure, then you have a seizure” because you’ve never had a grand mal seizure (or any seizure as a matter of fact)…

Your husband may be a neurology expert, but he isn’t my neurologist.


So someone suggested “Shakeology” to help with my seizure medication fatigue and says it helps her a lot.

Anyone know anything about this… nutrition/vitamin (?) drink?

I can’t believe 250mg was enough to make the world sway.

Those “Seizure Inducing GIFs”…

Is it just me that when I see large flashing/”maze” GIFs, get really sucked in, and it’s difficult to coordinate myself to scroll away/turn away/close the window?

I saw someone in the seizure/epilepsy tag with epilepsy saying that “seizures don’t happen unless you stare at it for a long time even when you are triggered by those things,” but if I were triggered by those things… I would probably end up having a seizure because I… really can’t tear my eyes away.

My seizures are fatigue/stress based, so I haven’t gotten a seizure from flashing lights or images, but I saw it for 5, 10 seconds (or however long it took for me to manage to coordinate myself enough to look away and scroll away), and it’s been 15 or so minutes, but I’m still dizzy, have a minor headache, and see weird flashes in black and white pattern (the GIF was a black and white “maze” gif that had revolving/shifting and mesmerizing pattern that was tagged under “seizure” tag…)…

It’s not that easy to scroll away when your eyes… Fixate on it… (Actually I think it’s meant to make you fixate on it…)

(Also, followers, if you could tag those kinds of things as “seizure warning” or “epilepsy warning” instead of “seizure” or “epilepsy,” it’ll be great. I personally won’t have a seizure, but even now, I’m still woozy and not seeing properly.  And other people might actually be very sensitive.  Thanks ♥)

Service Dog And Seizure Education By Me!


While we, at The Band, work tirelessly to bring you expert resource pages, sometimes the best advice is from someone who has been where you’re standing. What follows is a mixture between a resource page and a post.

I introduce to you, The Band, a Demo Tape.

Take what you need and leave the rest.

I have a quirky sense of humor, coupled with a southern gal’s disposition, so brace yourselves for impact. This will be a bit of a rant, but it’s been building up for awhile, and sometimes ya need a rant to get the point across.

When I moved to WV, I had no idea how downright painful it would be to deal with the uneducated public when they encounter me, my service dogs, and (possibly), one of my seizures, while I’m out trying to live my life. It’s as though the burden of WV service dog education has fallen squarely upon my shoulders.

And that? SUCKS!

On behalf of all people with service dogs in WV or elsewhere, listen up:

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I get off meds for a few days, and wake up having bitten off a tiny bit of tongue and inside of my cheek bitten in two places, so now I have to go back on it.




Fuck you, too, brain.


Except not because I need you to live.